Aggressive Defense Against Allegations of White Collar Crimes in California

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Guyton Jinkerson is a premier San Jose white collar crime law firm. As a top-rated criminal defense attorney in the San Francisco Bay area, our firm’s attorney has a reputation for achieving positive results in even the most complex cases. Mr. Jinkerson has years of experience handling white collar crime cases, dating back to prominent matters in the 1970s such as the IBM trade secrets case in Santa Clara County Superior Court. No matter what type of charges you are facing, our firm knows how to build strong cases and secure positive results for clients.

What is considered a white collar crime in California?

Though people usually associate harsh sentences with violent crimes, there are non-violent offenses that carry severe penalties as well. These are commonly referred to as white collar crimes and are frequently associated with alleged financial misconduct. Enforcement of white collar crime law can be a function of the White Collar Investigation Teams (WCIT) in the state of California or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Secret Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the U.S. Customs Office.

Our firm represents clients in white collar cases stemming from charges of:

If you are facing any of these charges in the San Francisco Bay area, our firm’s criminal defense attorney knows what it takes to safeguard your rights and counter evidence brought by prosecutors in state and federal court.

Why you need a seasoned criminal defense lawyer

The term “white collar” implies that the crimes are common among working professionals and business people, but that doesn’t make the offenses less serious. It’s important to understand that if you are accused of a white collar crime in California, you may face the possibility of federal and state prosecution.

If you are under criminal investigation or have been charged with a crime, the stakes are incredibly high. Allegations alone can impact your reputation, business and career prospects. A conviction can lead to costly fines, asset forfeiture, lengthy prison sentences and other consequences that affect your personal life. These types of crimes can also result in civil suits, and the penalties imposed in these cases can be even more harsh.

Because white collar crimes and prosecutions are so complex, you never want to face the criminal justice system on your own. Our seasoned white collar criminal defense lawyer has decades of experience defending the rights and freedom of clients. These types of cases often involve reviewing and analyzing massive amounts of documents and electronic data. We have decades of experience leveling the playing field for clients accused of these serious offenses.

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