Regulatory Violations Lawyer in San Jose


Corporations, other legal entities, and individuals operating within the United States must adhere to numerous local, state, and federal statutes, regulations, and rules. Failing to comply can result in accusations of fraud, unlawful business practices, or other misconduct. It can also give rise to investigations and enforcement by government agencies including criminal prosecution.

Guyton Jinkerson Represents Those Accused of Various Regulatory Violations

If you or your business is suspected of violating local, state, or federal laws, reach out to a San Jose regulatory violations lawyer today. Guyton Jinkerson represents individuals and entities in state and federal courts. He has handled a range of white collar matters, including complex, high-profile cases. Backed by over 50 years of experience, he is a trial-tested lawyer who can vigorously advocate for you through all stages of your case.

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